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Important Considerations

  1. The artist and the organization do not charge any transportation costs. The cost incurred during freight and transportation is directly paid to the transporter.

  2. The product/artwork will be delivered to the Ground floor of the building, in case you need the delivery on any other floor, please inform us at the time of placing the order.

  3. Nimrat Narang as an artist and as a firm does not do site installations. It is an exceptional case if requested by the client in the boq / invoice before placing the order.

  4. The artist does not take any responsibility for the time promised by the transporter. The delay in transportation could be due to numerous issues on/at road and the artist will not be held responsible for the same.

  5. Site contractor’s number or coordinator's number should be mentioned to the team at Nimrat Narang before the day of dispatch. Any communication regarding the transportation or delivery shall be directly handled by him to avoid inconvenience to the client or the senior architect.

  6. Payment for all artworks should be made 70% in advance, and the remaining 30% a day before the dispatch.

  7. All real-time images and videos of the artwork will be shared with the client before dispatch. Hence, in case the artwork is not liked by the client upon arrival, no piece will be returned/refunded or exchanged.

  8. Please quality-check all the products within 24 hours of delivery. Nimrat Narang as a brand will hold no responsibility for any wear and tear of any product whatsoever after delivery.

  9. The complete address of the site where the artwork is needed should be shared at the time of full and final payment and should not change during the transportation period.

  10. The colour palette should be confirmed by the architect/ designer/ client from the Asian paints colour book.

  11. Our artwork does not come with hooks. The work is directly hung on nails. If there is any need for extra hardware, please let us know at the time of placing the order.

  12. The project if pulled beyond the defined timeline - mutually decided by the artist and the designer/ architect/ client will be considered void.

  13. In case the artwork is not picked or the client wants to hold the dispatch of the product due to any delays on site, we will only keep it for 10 extra days.

  14. The price of a similar/same artwork to another client is subject to change/ vary by the artist. And the decision is solely in the hands of the artist.

  15. There shall be no change in the price of the artwork ordered by the client once the advance payment is through.

  16. We do not store artwork in a godown and hence the artwork will be shipped/ transported/couriered as and when it is completed. In case the architect/designer wants the artist to keep the artwork for a longer time due to delays on site it should be discussed with the artists before the advances. Otherwise, it may cost a separate storage amount.

  17. The client/ site supervisor should inform the suitable delivery time for the artwork before it is shipped/ or transported. Courier delivery timings are not in our hands once the artwork is shipped.

  18. Any communication considered important should be done via text or email from both - the artist and the client. To keep a track record for both parties.

  19. The artist must be tagged in all social media posts that include the artwork in the picture.

  20. The artist has the freedom to use photos shot by a third party and posted by the architect/designer, on the artist's profile with credits.

  21. Our working days and hours are - Tuesday to Friday 12 pm to 6 pm.

  22. In case the product suffers any damage during transportation, please expect the artist to fix it within 35-45 days.

  23. Once the order is placed, and advances are sorted, we request you to speak with Isma (a member of team Nimrat Narang) for any updates, queries or issues. The role of the artist is to completely focus on producing the creative works.

  24. Framing is not included in any artwork. In case it is required, it will be charged separately.

  25. The client can choose to have the artwork repainted or touched up at any time for a nominal cost. The cost can be discussed at the time of the changes.

  26. We do not offer a return policy. However, we have an exchange policy where the client can exchange the artwork for the exact same piece, but not for any other artwork.

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