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Exhibits (India)

Showcases, Exhibitions and more

Take a look at the vibrant collection of spaces all over India that have embraced Nimrat Narang's artworks with open arms, celebrating her artistic vision through her various creations.

AD Design Show 2023

India Design 2023

Nimrat Narang created one of her largest artworks to date measuring 30ft x 10ft in size for India Design 2023, which was later purchased by T-series.

Asset 1_3x.png
Asset 2_3x.png

The Colosseum

Nimrat Narang is the only Indian textured artist showcasing and selling her works at The Colosseum in Hyderabad.


FADD Studio

In 2023, the most enthralling experience was creating the stunning space for FADD Studio in Hyderabad. The entire space was meticulously sketched, sampled, visited, and put together from scratch over a period of 3 months.

Asset 5_3x.png
Asset 3_3x.png
Asset 4_3x.png

iDAC 2023

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