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Letter from the artist.

Ever since I was a young girl, details drew me closer to them than a plain surface without any intricacies to it. I would stop by and absorb the surface for minutes, sometimes hours and understand how beautifully has nature intertwined us all. 

From our nerves to the bark of a tree, the soil or the ocean waves, I ended up seeing texture even in shadows of things. The shadow of a grill, the details of human hair, and so much more. 

My love for details stood very obvious when I started to paint as a contemporary artist. I was always inclined to create my own textures, to use different substance from nature, man made, and knit them into a piece of art. 

For I firmly believe, an art piece with texture would stand with so much more mystery, and yet speak volumes of emotions than a canvas with paint alone. 

Here is my journey, on discovering expressionism, realism and art.

With love,

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